Welcome to neil welsh NUTRITION. If you are a mum with young kids and you  want your whole family to eat healthily (and perhaps lose a little weight too) then this is the place for you! Check out my (slightly awkward) video below for more info!

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  • The importance of diet over exercise for mum.
  • How to find a healthy lifestyle that works with young kids
  • What does a great diet look like for a mum with young kids?
  • Guide to getting your kids to eat the healthy food you want to eat
  • 10 things to do in the kitchen to make cooking with kids easier
  • How to understand your calorie balance; The KEY to weight loss
  • How to snack when constantly surrounded by food!
  • Making healthy choices when out and about
  • How to “diet” without telling the world
  • Our kids are the reason we drink! How to enjoy and drink and still be healthy
  • Play with your grand kids! How to develop good habits and stay motivated for life!

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