Preventing diabetes and achieving your ideal health just got easier

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?

Feel Better

Know what to do

Look Better

Learn how healthy eating works for your unique body based on your current nutrition, daily activities and time available.

Follow an evidence based step by step  approach with me on hand to answer all your questions.

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Learn what to eat to stop the onset of diabetes AND ACTUALLY DO IT!

A clear, actionable plan built on evidence based research and simple daily practices that will create sustainable results.

Create a lifestyle around healthy eating and living - one that's enjoyable, varied and balanced.

It never feels like a long term solution when you do try to eat healthier, so before you know it you end up back at square one.

Your feeling confused as to what is right for you, and what will really work quickly and effectively.

You lack the motivation or consistency to improve your diet and lifestyle, even through you know it's something you must do.

I'm tired of hearing stories from people like you. People who want to improve their health but were constantly left stuck or let down in their pursuit of achieving their goals. That's why I created the Prediabetes Habits For Life Programme.

Thankfully, if you join the Prediabetes Habits For Life Programme that's all behind you:

"If it does sound familiar, then you already know what a minefield it can be trying to get quality advice and support"

What is The Prediabetes Habits For Life Programme?

The Prediabetes Habits For Life Programme is our most effective online system for reversing the signs of prediabetes using evidence based methods and strategies.

6 months of proven and effective nutritional coaching. Build a strong foundation of simple daily practices that you can use anywhere, anytime.... forever

Built in accountability. Stay on track and stay motivated using our coaching app for daily accountability.

Form relationships that matter. Join a community of like minded people and work towards your goals in a supportive and friendly environment.

Expert coaching. Receive the best advice on how to tailor the programme to make it personal to your unique requirements.

Make the commitment to make a change now!

Expert personal coaching

Sustainable nutrition system

Health and wellness that fits your life

Look and feel your best

This is an affordable coaching programme that costs a fraction of  in person coaching or personal training.

Make the commitment and start today!

Get a plan to healthy eating that will quickly improve your body.

I use the DASH method to make lasting change focusing on Desire, Awareness, Support and Habit

Introducing The Habits For Life Programme, my most effective coaching programme to help reverse prediabetes:

How it Works When You Join?

Track your result. See (as well as feel) your results and keep track of your own success.

Access the online portal. Get daily accountability, challenges, recipes and more straight into your device of choice.

Become a VIP! Join the VIP HFL community. Hang out, share and support with other like-minded HFL members!

I'll be there for you! Struggling to staying on track? Not a problem. I can see your online progress and will be here to give you a nudge if you drift off course.

Results. Get results and know how to keep them. Reverse your prediabetes for good!

Guaranteed Results 

If your don't feel that this coaching programme is right for you in your first 30 days then we will give you your money back, no questions asked.

Get Started

Habits for Life Programme

  • 6 Month Coaching Programme
  • Online platform
  • VIP Facebook Group Access
  • Live Q&A
  • (Then £47/mo for 5 months)


  • Daily Accountability


Super charge your results with premium 1 to 1 coaching

Direct 1 to 1 messaging with Neil. Got a question? No problem, ask me directly!

Stuck with what to eat? No problem, GO premium and get monthly recipe packs full of healthy ideas.

Members only Live Q&A. Join us every two weeks for a live Q&A. Ask me anything or pick the brains of our guest speakers.

Join Us! Join the Habits for Life Programme and be among like minded people just like you... with me to help you every step of the way!

Habits for Life Programme

  • 6 Month Coaching Programme
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  • Online platform
  • VIP Facebook Group Access
  • Live Q&A
  • (Then £97/mo for 5 months)


  • Daily Accountability
  • Premium: Direct 1 to 1 messaging
  • Premium: Monthly Recipe Packs