7 Day Healthy Meal Plan With Food Your Kids Will Actually Eat!

It even includes desserts and wine*!

(*wine for the adults only... not the kids)

Plus free BONUS guide on HOW TO GET YOUR KIDS TO TRY ONE NEW FOOD (no matter how fussy they are!)

Tailored for mums who want to improve the way they look, feel and perform…. without having to cook different food for the pesky kids!

Here's Katie from CBeebies House and I Can Cook talking about her experience with Neil Welsh Nutrition

Not just another meal plan! (I promise!)

  • Help you look, feel and perform better: Great nutritional balance designed to stop that mid-afternoon energy slump.

  • Not another fad diet but a way of eating for life: A calorie weighted plan to allow you to be more flexible in your weekend eating.

  • Quick and easy meals that your kids will enjoy: Specifically selected meals that are quick, easy, do not require funky ingredients and that also wont scare your kids!

Get the plan, learn how to put it into practice - TODAY

Your bonus guide includes the new strategies and techniques used by feeding professional to get your kids to try one new food... the first step in healthier eating for your whole family!

Download your meal plan and guide now!

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